Balinese beds

A Balinese bed is a piece of furniture designed to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation in your home, garden, terrace or pool. Made with the finest materials and handcrafted techniques, our Balinese beds offer a unique and luxurious experience that will make you feel as if you were in a tropical resort.

These beds are perfect for those looking for a comfortable and elegant relaxation solution. We offer different models of Balinese beds, each designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our beds can be circular, square or rectangular and are available in different sizes to fit any space.

Varias camas balinesas clásicas con techo, cortinas y cojines situadas en la playa
Cojines sobre cama balinesa

100% customized

In addition to their exotic and elegant design, our Balinese beds are designed with comfort in mind. Each bed is made with high quality materials, such as iroko wood, and a high density foam rubber mattress, which guarantees extreme comfort and adequate support for the back and body.

Our Balinese beds can also be customized with additional accessories such as cushions, side tables and canopy for a complete luxury experience. And if you are looking for an even more personalized experience, we offer the option to customize the colors, sizes and finishes of your Balinese bed.

Balinese bed buying guide

If you are thinking of buying a Balinese bed for your terrace, garden or outdoor space, it is important that you take into account some aspects before making a decision. In this buying guide we will show you the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect Balinese bed for you.

Space and material

It is essential to consider the space If it is a space with a moderate climate, where there is not much humidity or rain, and the temperatures are not extremely high, you can opt for a Balinese bed. basic bed without ceiling or curtains, although it is always recommended to add them. On the other hand, if the space is more aggressive, with higher rainfall and high temperatures, it is better to opt for Balinese beds with structure and curtains.

The choice between wood or metal structure depends mainly on personal taste. However, it is important to make sure that the chosen structure, whether wood or metal, is well treated to be suitable for outdoor environments. On our website, we offer wooden Balinese beds, as they provide a warm touch to the environment that metallic materials do not provide.

Size and functionality

It is important to consider is the size of the Balinese bed you wish to purchase. Be sure to measure the available space in your garden or terrace and compare it with the dimensions of the bed. This furniture is very versatile and adapts to a wide variety of spaces, from the beach to the lawn around a swimming pool, through penthouses or terraces of a suitable size, providing a touch of sophistication unmatched. Balinese beds are ideal for creating chill out environments, in swimming pools, hotels, outdoor relaxation areas and any other place looking for a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere. They are perfect for resting and relaxing outdoors in a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere. It is also important to consider the number of people who are going to use it when deciding on one or another Balinese bed, as you can find single beds, for couples, for groups or with reclining seats.

The XL beds are more common in the world of hospitality, terraces and summer pubs and hotels because they can accommodate several people as a family or group of friends.


Varias camas balinesas clásicas con techo, cortinas y cojines situadas en la playa

Classic Balinese bed

The classic Balinese bed comes equipped with a wooden frame and a canopy. Its bed is upholstered in leatherette, which makes it very resistant and suitable for outdoor use, either in wet areas such as swimming pools or coastal areas, or in sunny places. In addition, it can be combined with curtains, a linen ceiling and cushions in the shape of pyramids, squares or curls, creating an intimate and relaxing space for the client.

Cama balinesa modular de dos piezas

Modular Balinese bed

The modular Balinese bed features a wooden frame with a built-in canopy. However, what makes it unique are the independent modules that make up its bed and can be used as seats or loungers as needed. In addition, the bed is equipped with light net curtains that add a romantic and cozy touch to the environment.

Balinese bed without canopy

This Balinese bed is available in two sizes: one body, 90 centimeters wide; and two bodies, 150 centimeters wide. It is perfect for use on terraces, pools and beaches, where its popularity is growing due to its versatility as a sun lounger. The structure combines wood and flexible materials, and the bed is upholstered with a special outdoor leatherette fabric that is easy to clean.

Cama balinesa redonda con dos cojines que tienen forma triangular

Round Balinese bed

This design features a circular shape, making it perfect for enjoying the bed in various positions or for sunbathing. Their elegant simplicity and uniqueness bring personality to terraces or gardens, and can be complemented with cushions and side tables in different styles for a more complete decoration.

All our models of Balinese beds are available in different colors and can be combined in various ways according to the desired decoration. In addition, you can customize your Balinese bed with a canopy or vaporous curtains, which provide the intimacy you are looking for in moments of relaxation, and cushions to achieve a sophisticated atmosphere for your terrace or garden and provide comfort. Would you like to consult our catalog to choose yours? Click here!